Individual Training for Social Media.

Covering Social Media basics. The cirricculum will focus on the platforms specific to your industry. 

How to deliver posts with solid content and a high degree of visibility.

free, that most people don't even understand or know exist.  This is an outstanding course for those that feel like social media and digital marketing is passing them by.

Curriculum priced at 120.00 Per hour.  Five hour minimum.

You may expect to learn:

  • .Social Media Web Pages
  • Google Tools
  • Social Media Platforms
  • The numbers
  • Social Selling

Social Media Team Training.

As a startup or small business owner, you know there's a lot to do.  As a sales group you really need to know the what, when, where, why and how.  We bring social media into focus for you sharing the simple tools, techniques and what type of content to use on the various social media platforms available.  Training in one of our conference rooms in Chandler, via Google Hangouts or In your place of business.

The five hour course, spread over several weeks is priced at 300 per person.  Minimum of Three persons.


Our basic course covers : 

  • Facebook
  • Google Plus
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Linked-in


Social Media Management.

We Identify the three best platforms for your company, best suited to your industry or market. We Create and publish your content.  We show you and your team how to interact with the content for maximum visibility.

Your content is then placed in groups and forums around the web to improve your reach with intuitive prospects.
You will be expected to communicate, in advance, planned events,  relevant photograpths.  We generally have a telephone conference with a designate once a week. 

  • Expect thousands of views a month
  • Boosted Web Traffic
  • Higher Search Engine Results.
  • Intuitive Followers and Prospects.
  • More business on the Web, Phone or in Person.

    This program is 300. per month.  12 month minimum

Dedicated Social Media Management.

Great for larger organizations with multiple departments.
We spend time at your location regularly visiting with each department designate to make sure we can actually tell the story of your company or your business in "real" time.
Like a dedicated employee for social media without the expense.  

Having someone onsite and seeing what absolutely needs to be share with your "fans" or "followers" is huge. 

This program will deliver more sales and internet traffic than any other form of marketing.
Included, but not limited to:

  • Video Production and Posting
  • Accounts on platforms relevant to your business.
  • Photo Sharing.
  • Social Survey Weekly.
  • Create and Implement a social media strategy
  • Regular interaction with management for guidance.

This program is 2000. dollars per month.  Three month minimum.