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Designed From Scratch Concepts.
The Complete package for branding a new company. 

Michael Kurtz  602-296-5522   

Taylor Techniques  Training for sales people and providing information that changes lives. 

Fran Taylor  1-717-232-0494

Cutco At Home.   Cutlery for life.  Excellent closing gifts for realtors. 

Sandra Fischer  480-234-1658

Spencers TV & Appliance  This is where we get all of our appliances.  

Jim Bachmann  480-366-3900

Balancing My Life.  Ayurveda Coaching. 

Kimberely Humphreys  916-489-9928

PayChex Payroll Services.   Human Capital Management. 

Christopher Valeri.  425-457-1951

Melaleuca Specialist and Possibility Creator

Phil Guinouard  480-529-1772

Credit Your Community   A Credit Card Processing services that gives back to the community. 

Chris Zonneveld President  412-996-6578

Kelli Thomas Photography   A specialist for creative photo shoots.  Especially pets and their people. 

Kelli Thomas 480-788-5114

Network Test Labs  Security for all business systems. 

Dara Gibson  US Sales and Service  480-242-9076

Desert Breeze Glass LLC  The best glass company ever. 

Cathryn Curico Owner.  480-752-8191

Primerica  Insurance and Financial Products. 

Christopher Keilbart  480-276-5031

Union Home Mortgage. 

DeWitt Gibson  480-417-9268

National First Response

Chris Timmick  480-579-4455

Realty Executives

Jeff Franklin  480-620-4141

American Family Insurance

Tim Baldry ( a neighbor for decades ) 480-703-9688

Edward Jones  Making sense of investing

John Zepeda  480-895-1928

Local Fi   Darling Digital's closest competitor
Kim and Isaac's company.  1-585-633-8806

Select Financial Solutions  Just about everything under the sun.. including pet insurance!

Ross Yukolis, MBA.  1-925-360-9979

Cassandra's Photography  Headshots - Events - Families - Graduating Seniors

Cassandra Sullivan  480-788-1340

On This page you will find the resources that I've interacted with locally.  Some represent national companies, some their own and some are sales for their particular field.  All are good people in my personal estimation.   I haven't done business with all of the people... but I would feel comfortable offering any one of them as a reference.  And you could get a reference from them about me too.