Group marketing
The New and Exciting Trend.

Some Fabulous Features of Groups!

  • When they join.. they opted in to marketing.
  • Joining is by referral.
  • No Marketing Competition
  • Can continue to grow / faster than a page.
  • Access to all contact information
  • Be top of mind with your prospects.

Darling Digital has once again pioneered a digital strategy.  

This time we focus on involving groups.  Groups on Facebook are especially effective.  Keeping them free of Spam, Politics and Negative energy allow people that are spending hours on Facebook already.. to enjoy and contribute the the success of your group(s)

Branding a a group is easy.  You don't need to offer your services on the page.. prospects in your group, when they need your product, are intuitively drawn to seek you out.  Of course, with the group they are regulars in, this is an easy search.

Let's create the type of group(s) that will be a natural for those that fit into your demographic.  We start building the group by posting and engaging on a regular basis.  We generally like to recruit someone from your company or business to "co-admin" the group to help the transition to a sale become seamless and natural.

Call today.. See if a group is the social media answer you have been looking for. 

There are groups on all the major social media platforms.  Our experience with them will allow you to focus on the platform that makes the most sense for your marketing needs.   
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