There is still time to claim your lifetime membership to the Google Tools Academy. 

How to recieve Lifetime membership

Learn to use your Free Google Tools. 

Google, the search giant, has created a number of effective tools that may be used by business owners, retail salespeople, MLM marketers and others that want the best possible visibility on search results. 

I've been using these tools for several years.. delivering new clients every day for wineries, attorneys, MLM marketers, car dealerships, service organizations and more.  These techniques have saved my clients big bucks.. and I have decided that even those that can't afford my fees to manage these tools on a daily basis.. they should be able to capitalize upon my twenty plus years of daily interactions with Google Search, Google Analytics and Google Insights. 

Join the Academy ( The Visibility Institute ) and I'll share how you can start using Google tools to generate phone calls and web traffic right away.  It's not rocket science.. anyone can do this.. you just need to know which tools to use.  Hence.. The Google Tools Online Academy. 

If you join today:

You will also be considered part of my "beta" and with each training module you'll be asked to submit answers to specific questions and be encouraged to ask questions and ask for clarification.  You'll actually be driving the training. 

I hope you will join us.  If you like.. Click the Pay Pal link and pay.  Your access codes will arrive in your email in just a very short while.   Lifetime access to the Google Tools Academy or The Visibility Institute is currently priced at 100 dollars for our beta prospects. 

Thank you,

Craig Darling