CRM Training - Email Training

Important for all of your people to understand how to manage and use a CRM.

  • Template Construction
  • Email Blasts
  • Responding to Leads
  • Mining The Date
  • Building and Understanding Reports
  • Back Links & Blogs

CRM management is something we don't offer to manage for our clients.  It requires someone to access the system during business hours and sales people need to utilize the system at anytime as only they can know when to close the deal.. or what step to take next. 

120. per hour 5 hour minimum one on one

300 per person minimum three people

5 hour course. 

Email Management

Create templates for sales, follow up and social media engagement. 
Set up and optimize a new email system and train on using the system. 

We have been in the email marketing business longer than just about anyone out there.

400.00 per month.
This is a one year consult / action agreement

Email Marketing

Emails had to some degree replaced phone calls for small business.  Training you or your staff is important for your success in todays digital market. Even if you have a brick and mortor location.

  • Get More Opens
  • More Clicks
  • Opt Out - Opt In. 
  • Keeping and growing your base
  • Template Construction
  • Funneling
  • Newsletters 

120.00 per hour.  5 hour minimum.