Hi,  I am Craig Darling.  DBA Darling Digital.

I have successfully helped clients all over the USA and Canada implement a Google Tools program that drives actual buying traffic to your website, your business and your phones.  Actual buyers.. The Google tools are designed, by Google, to catch the prospect when they are in the purchase mode.

Once you've contacted me, I do a complete audit on your website and your digital presence.. before you hire me.  I want to make sure that we are able to deliver results.  If you're doing a great job now.. why on earth would you waste your money.. But... Most small businesses and even large corporations, in spite of all the money they spend, are not using these simple free tools to impact the search engines.

I'll train a small business or I'll manage your profile for you.  It's a daily regimen that delivers results. 

A Dodge Dealer in Colorado gets an extra 900 phone calls a month.

A Retailer in Arizona gets 1300 customers a month walk in with the directions loaded on their phone.

A Lawyer in Canada has stopped doing any marketing except this.

The three month free is actually a great deal.  If you wish to do business with me.. once you pay in full for 6 months ( three hundred a month for our services compared to some of our competition at 1500 per month ) you will receive an additional three months of service.  This is a total of 9 months for the price of six!!!

I have references.  Small business that has retained us.. each one of them has continued with a new contract when the service period they were under expired.  Find out how Google Tools can help you.  Call me today: 480-466-8243

Small Business Win!!!

Get Three Months of our Digital Visibility Service free when you pay for six months!


You Get...

  • An Active Google Profile to feature your business on the search engines.
  • Regular Ads Posted to your Google Profile that enhance your presence on Local Search and Maps.
  • Regular Key Word and Key Phrase Posts to your created Google Brands Page.
  • Complete Website and Digital Presence Audit.
  • Monthly Reports that track Website Visits, Phone calls and Maps uploaded for directions to your business.
  • Real Time Consultation regarding anything Digital.  Just pick up the phone and call.
  • Complete monthly review of your website for SEO / Link functioning.  ( An 1800 Dollar a year Value)