Craig Darling, owner, started into the world of web marketing in 1992.  Convinced that internet marketing was going to change the automobile industry, the challenge was on.

Email marketing and Website manipulation was the first set of skills acquired.  Learning to convert opportunities into customers was, perhaps, the hardest to learn and the steepest hill to climb.

Four years later the Chevrolet Hall of Fame called to induct Craig into their ranks for achievement in sales and customer satisfaction..

Today Craig lives in Chandler, Az and operates Darling Digital out of his home.  Generally surrounded by the dogs and music he is building efficient and effective websites, managing social media platforms, performing world class SEO and providing small businesses with digital footprint training and live video production. Craig is also an Adword Certified Individual with Google. 

Darling Digital helps small business find their way, competitively, on the web.  

Effective, inexpensive and efficient digital tools for you.

Contact Craig at any time.   Email or 480-466-8243

  • Social Media Training.
  • Social Media Management.
  • Website Training.
  • Website Management
  • Website Construction.
  • Email Marketing.
  • Newsletter Management.

Suzette Darling, co-owner of Darling Digital, is a former marketing director for Manheim Auto Auctions and Cox Communications.  She also has an extensive background in event planning and holds several certifications in the areas of commercial and residential property management and accounting. 

In addition to accounts receivable and payable, Suzette administrates our SEO push regimen, helps with design, color selection and other aspects of our drive to make your digital footprint the one that is seen first.  Her attention to detail, palette and font selection make your websites Pop.  Her keen understanding of what is trending will ensure your social media presence is relevant to today's users. 

Email Suzette any time. 

Social Media arrived on the scene and Craig became an early adopter of the platforms.  While in their infancy, not much was known about their ability to convert.  With constant experimentation and the launch of several platforms, including a long running show streamed on FB and Google+ it was finally understood how to help small business, with little investment, compete with the giants on the various social media platforms. 

  • SEO Regimen
  • Video Creation
  • Blog Posts
  • Google My Business
  • Google My Business Plus
  • Google Sites
  • Certified Adwords Specialist.